Friday, 21 January 2011

English Teaching Resources: Brothers (Andrew Forster)

English lessons and resources: Brothers - Andrew Forster

(Brothers - Andrew Forster - English teaching resources/lessons/PPT & worksheets)

Key Stage : 4
English Teaching Resources: Brothers by Andrew Forster 2010 GCSE English: Contemporary Poetry: Relationships. A 33 slide Powerpoint analysis of the poem Brothers by Andrew Forster and an accompanying 8 page worksheet booklet. presents a 33 slide Powerpoint analysis of Brothers and accompanying worksheetsEnglish 2010 Teaching Resources: Brothers (Andrew Forster) includes:
  1. A brief biography of Andrew Forster.
  2. Analysis of the poem Ghazal and discussion of ideas and consolidation.
  3. Storyboarding the poem Brothers activity
  4. Structure & language - Discuss how Forster creates mood/tone and how he uses structure and imagery in Brothers
  5. Style and form - Analysis of Forster's use of poetic devices in Brothers.
  6. Language - Exploration of word choicesusing P.E.E to write about the poem.
  7. Themes of Brothers explored, consolidation of Forster's meaning and purpose.
  8. Links - Where to find further information and analysis about Andrew Forster.
  9. 33 slide PowerPoint resource for analysis and teaching the poem Brothers by Andrew Forster.
  10. 8 Worksheets to accompany the Brothers (Andrew Forster) Powerpoint.
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