Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Comma Splicing Exercises (PowerPoint and Worksheets)

Comma Splicing KS2 -

(Comma Splicing KS2 - Literacy teaching resource featuring 18 slides)

Key Stage : 2,3
18 slide PowerPoint presentation
Literacy Teaching Resources: Comma Splicing KS2 is an 18 slide PowerPoint presentation designed to help teach punctuation and grammar rules regarding comma splicing.  Literacy Teaching Resources: Comma Splicing KS2 provides step by step activities explaining how to use commas in the correct context and how to avoid the comma splice.  Literacy Teaching Resources: Comma Splicing KS2 includes the following lessons/activities:
   1. What makes a complete sentence?
   2. KS1 punctuation assessment objectives.
   3. Examples of correct and incorrect use of the comma.
   4. APP assessment guidelines for writing.
   5. 'Splice or fine' group activity.
   6. Comma splicing solutions.
Literacy Teaching Resources: Comma Splicing KS2 can be used as an extended starter activity, incorporated into an existing lesson or developed into a wider scheme of work on punctuation rules.

For a preview of Literacy Teaching Resources: Comma Splicing KS2 click on the link below:

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